Gary McLoughlin

Gary McLoughlin

Gary McLoughlin

With over 25 years of experience as an artist and designer, Gary McLoughlin is skilled and passionate about creating beautiful imagery that explores the world around us through photography & art. 

Gary and his wife Judith moved from Northern Ireland to the United States in 1996 to pursue a new artistic career, settling in Atlanta, Georgia. Judith, a superb Irish cook, started her own food business in Georgia, blending Irish techniques with Southern ingredients, -and together they published a very popular Irish cookbook entitled 'The Shamrock and Peach' that told the story of the Scots-Irish immigration to the South.

Gary created the imagery for their book, and in so doing, rediscovered his love for photography. Today, Gary is active as a designer and photographer with a passion for landscape, natural form and portraiture photography.

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Gary can be contacted for photography work and portraiture work at:,

or 770 653 3768


I use a simple formula to charge for creative photography work, which is; I charge $125 for initial travel and set up, and $65 per hour for the shoot. 

I then charge $60 per hour for post production work in Photoshop. This is a variable, but with experience I can quote with some accuracy. For example, if I spend  1 hour doing a simple portrait photo shoot, I would spend 4 hours in post production, after which all the images in all possible formats are yours. - let me know your needs, and i'll send you a quote!